Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I register my child for soccer? 
A: Visit our Registration Page HERE and select the location and league you want to register for and follow the prompts. 

Q: How long is each soccer season? 

A: Each soccer season consists of 8 weeks of play. Though we try to schedule 8 consecutive weeks for games, that is not always possible due to specific holidays and/or Spring Break. When this happens, there will be one Saturday where there is not a game and then the season will continue the following week.

Q: How many league locations do you have? 
A: We have 2 league locations: Inspirada and Skye Canyon 

Q. Do I have to be an Inspirada or Skye Canyon resident to play?
A: No. There are no residency requirements.

Q. My child has never played soccer, can they still be placed on a team? Are there try-outs?
A: We are a recreational and developmental soccer league, therefore we do not have try-outs. If you pay, you play. Many children in the league are playing for the first time and each team will have players with a variety of skill levels.

Q. When does registration open for each season?
A: Registration for the Spring Season is open from October through January, with the first games taking place in March. Registration for the Fall Season is open from April through July, with our first games taking place in September. Practices usually start up 1-2 weeks before the first game.
---Please note: Register during Early Registration to take advantage of the best deal and to ensure your child’s place in the league.

Q: When does the Fall Season and Spring Season start? 
A: Opening Day for the Fall Season generally starts in mid-September. Opening Day for the Spring Season generally starts in mid-March

Q: Is Albion Juniors a co-ed league? 

A: Yes. However, occasionally there may be an all-girls or all-boys team. Most teams will have a mix of boys and girls.

Q: Is Albion Juniors a competitive league? 
A: No. Albion Juniors is a recreational league with a focus on learning and developing new soccer skills while having fun. However, Albion does have a competitive club program, Albion SC Las Vegas. For more information about the Albion SC Las Vegas, please click hereYou can also check to see if we have any upcoming free clinics scheduled here

Q: Why does Albion Juniors not post standings? 
A: We are a recreational league and place a priority on participation, development, and FUNdamental skills. We do not place an emphasis on the score or winning. This is the perfect opportunity for the children to develop and perfect their soccer skills. However, Albion does have a competitive club program, Albion SC Las Vegas. For more information about the Albion SC Las Vegas, please click here

Q. What does my registration fee cover?
A: Registration fees cover full uniforms for new players (1 Home jersey, 1 Away jersey, 1 short, and 1 pair of soccer socks), end of season awards, field fees, referee fees, goals, nets, practice balls, and playerʼs insurance.

Q: Will my child get a new uniform every season? 
A: Our uniforms  (which consists of 1 Home jersey, 1 Away jersey, 1 short, and 1 pair of soccer socks) are intended to be used for one “seasonal year.” Our seasonal year includes both the Fall and Spring seasons. Each player receives one uniform per seasonal year. i.e. If a child participates in the Fall Season, they will not receive another new uniform for the Spring Season. They will continue to use the same jersey they received for the Fall Season. If a child did not participate in the previous Fall Season, but signs up for the Spring Season, they will receive a new uniform. For more information on our uniform policy, please click here link to uniform policy page

Q: What size ball does my child need? 
A: Under-8s and younger play with a size 3 ball. Under-9 through Under-12 play with a size 4 ball.

Q: Where are the practices held? 
A: Field allocations are given to us by the city and may change from season to season. Also, practice locations are at the discretion of your child’s coach. Due to both league locations growing rapidly, some coaches may select another nearby park to provide adequate practice space for their team.

---Practices in the Inspirada league may be held at any Inspirada parks, green spaces, or other nearby community parks. (Examples: Solista Park, Capriola Park, Potenza Park, Aventura Park, Esselmont Park, Madeira Canyon, etc.) 

---Practices in the Skye Canyon League may be held at Skye Canyon Park soccer fields, green spaces, or another community field nearby. (Examples: Skye Canyon Park, Eagle Canyon Park, Gilcrease Brothers Park, Huckleberry Park, Spring Mountain Community Park, etc.)

Q: Which days of the week are practices on? 
A: Most practices occur on Mondays and Wednesdays, as those are the days the specified soccer fields are reserved. However, practices could occur anytime between Monday and Friday as practice days are at the discretion of your childʼs coach and their availability.

Q: What time of day are practices held? 

A: Practices are scheduled between 4:30 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. Your teamʼs practice time is dependent on the availability of your childʼs coach.

Q: How many practices are there per week? 
A: We recommend that players attend a minimum of one team practice a week, two at a maximum. The frequency is dependent on the age of the players and each coachʼs availability.

Q: How long does practice last? 
A: We recommend practices for players six and younger to be no longer than one hour long. We recommend practices for players in U8 and upper divisions to be one hour. However, practice lengths are at the discretion of the coach.

Q. Are there practices during Spring Break?
A: Possibly. Though the league does not have a practice formally scheduled, some coaches will schedule practices with the understanding that all of the players may not be available.

Q. What does my child need to practice?
A: For practices, all players should wear shin guards and cleats. Dress for the weather. Bring water and a soccer ball. Coaches usually have an extra ball in case a player forgets theirs. We recommend writing your name and phone number on your soccer ball, in the event it is lost/found.

Q: When and where are games held? 

A: Our games are played on the Capriola soccer fields (Inspirada location) and Skye Canyon Park soccer fields (Skye Canyon location) every Saturday between 8am-4pm for 8 weeks (may not be 8 consecutive weeks, due to city events or Spring Break).

Q: What times are the games played at? 
A: Game times vary for each division. They can be scheduled anytime between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.

Q: What does my child need for the games? 
A: Shin guards, cleated shoes, and the uniform are required for all games. Please remember to check the schedule 
(home/away team) for the appropriate colored uniform top for the game. Also, bring water and a soccer ball to do a few “pre-game warm-up” drills.

Q: How do I know which uniform top (red or blue) to put on my child for their game? 

A: Home teams will always wear the blue jersey uniform top. Away teams will always wear the red jersey uniform top. However, we encourage players to bring both jerseys to the game in the even that another team is short several players and/or they wear the incorrect jersey color.

Q: Will there be practice time before my games? 
A: There is no practice time before or after any games. However, many coaches will do a few quick drills as a “ pre-game warm-up” 10-15 minutes before the game. We recommend showing up at least 10 minutes before the game.

Q: Can I play with my friends? 
A: Absolutely! We actually encourage you to rally up some friends and play together. You are welcome to make friend requests to play on the same team with a particular person, coach, or group of people. If there is space available on a particular team, priority for requests will be granted in the following order: 
1.  Returning players
2.  Players that register during Early Registration
3.  Siblings
4.  All other requests

If you have a particular team, coach, or friend request, please register early as this will increase the likelihood we are able to accommodate your request. However, we CANNOT guarantee that we will be able to place your child with a specific team/coach/friend.

Q: Who will be my childʼs coach? 
A: All coaches are volunteer parents. If you are a certified coach or you know the game, we encourage you to volunteer! Click here for more information on the perks of being a coach and what is required.

Q: How do I become a coach? 
A: Click here to register as a coach.  If you would like more information, please visit our Coaches Corner here to learn more about what it takes to become a coach. 

Q: How are teams created? 
A: Once registration is closed, we will build the teams manually.

Q: How many players are on a team? 
A: The U4 to U8 divisions play 4v4 on the field with no goalkeeper. These teams generally have 6 to 8 players on a roster. The U9 –U10 divisions play 7v7 with a goalkeeper. These teams have 9-10 players on a roster. U11-U12 divisions and up play 9v9 with a goalkeeper. These teams have 12-13 players on a roster. Please note: These numbers may fluctuate depending on how many teams/players are registered.

Q. When will we find out what team my child is on?
A: Coaches get their rosters at the coaches meeting, which is typically held 3 weeks before the first game. They will begin contacting the players after that meeting to schedule a practice for the following week.

Q. A coach never called or emailed me, what do I do?
A: First, check the calendar to see if the Coaches Meeting has been held. The Coaches Meeting is usually held 3 weeks before the first game. Coaches are requested to contact all players by the Wednesday after the Coaches Meeting. On Thursday, Albion Juniors will email all players their coach’s contact information or a way to retrieve the coach’s information. 

---Please note: Though we encourage all coaches to call their players the first time they contact a team member, some coaches will choose to send an email instead. Please check your email daily (especially your spam/junk folder, as their first email is generally filtered there) to see if they have emailed you. If a week has gone by since the Coaches Meeting and you still have not received a call or email (remember to double check your spam folder), please email the league at and we will look into it.

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