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Uniform Policy

Every NEW player in Albion Juniors will receive two jerseys (2 colors), shorts, and socks from the league 1 or 2 weeks before games begin. Each jersey will include the Albion Juniors logo and a number on the back. 

Parents are responsible to purchase shin guards, soccer cleats, and the appropriately-sized ball for their child(ren).

All soccer players MUST wear shin guards and soccer cleats during practices and games.

Our uniforms are intended to be used and worn for one seasonal year. Our seasonal year includes both the Fall and Spring seasons.  


  1. All children will receive a new uniform for each Fall Season.
  2. If your child participated in the Fall Season, the child will NOT receive a new uniform for the following Spring Season. The uniform they received for the Fall Season will also be worn for the Spring Season.
  3. If your child did not play in the Fall Season, the child WILL receive a new uniform for the Spring Season.

Prior to the Fall Season each year, the uniforms will be reevaluated and the vendor and/or style will change. Once the newly designed uniform is chosen, Albion Juniors will make a one year commitment to that particular uniform.

Due to the rapid growth of our league as well as time constraints, we will not be offering exact sizing. Each team will receive the manufacturer’s recommended sizes for their age group.  

The uniforms are given to the coach and/or team manager prior to the first game and will be distributed at a practice before the Opening Day (first game) of the season. We recommend the coach and/or team manager line up the children and distribute the uniforms according to size, smallest to largest or vice versa.

If you have any additional questions about uniforms, please email us at 

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